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Who are we ?

MGD Education Internationale is an education agency specializing in recruiting international students for major study destinations such as Canada, USA and UK. We are also recruiting for several other countries, including Australia and New Zealand

Our services enable students from all over the world and from sub-Saharan Africa in particular to access international education. With our various partners, we offer an ALL-IN-ONE service, which includes the application for admission, the application for the study visa and the organization of accommodation. We simplify the process of finding institutions and programs, as well as the process of applying for a study permit. Our tailor-made recruitment strategy based on the personalization of the service optimizes the chances of acceptance into educational institutions and obtaining a study permit.

Accommodation with a host family or boarding school

Host family or boarding accommodation = peace of mind for parents, health and safety for children, emotional support, better academic results.

This option will allow the pupil to have a full experience of life in Canada, in a safe and caring environment. The student will be provided with a single room, three meals a day and may even indicate some preferences regarding the choice of the host family (eg language, religion, etc.).

Enjoy the Canadian way of life by living with a Canadian family in Ottawa. Homestay is a fun, safe and affordable way to live while you are attending school in Canada.

A host family provides an international student with a furnished room and three meals a day. In addition, the student should fit in with the family and gain the wonderful opportunity to learn about Canadian culture from the inside out and practice and improve their English skills. Many students become close friends of their host family and stay in touch when the host family ends.

Host families reflect the multicultural diversity of the country. In the rare case of cultural or personal difficulties or misunderstandings, students do not have to deal with them alone. A host family coordinator is always available to help a student deal with any issues they may have in their new home.

MGD Education Internationale has entered into a collaboration agreement with the organization Réseau Homestay Canada (RHC) for the management of foster families.

Services included in host family accommodation

The CHN and the host family offer the student a range of services such as :

  • Personal support, including on-call
  • Welcome and orientation events on arrival where advice on how to make the most of the Canadian experience is given to students.
    Regular follow-ups with the student and his host to assess the twinning and the child’s progress in terms of his social and academic integration, and intervene if necessary
  • Personalization of the meal plan
  • Provision of a portfolio of the student’s experience (including academic progress) to parents
  • Legal custody
  • Flexible meal plans
  • Airport-home-airport transport

Services spéciaux

Moyennant un supplément, nous proposons également:

  • Service de ramassage et / ou de retour à l’aéroport
  • Programmes d’apprentissage spéciaux (tels que le tutorat à domicile)
  • Un emplacement plus proche de votre école ou de votre lieu de travail
  • Une salle de bain privée
  • Garde légale

What is a legal arde

Children under the age of 18 who come to study in Ontario without being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian must be placed in the care of a responsible adult who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

This person becomes the student’s legal guardian. For more details on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requirements, click here :

With the option of homestay accommodation, a member of RHC staff will act as legal guardian of the student or minor (with a notarized agreement).

Twinning with a host family

The matchmaking process begins with an exchange of the profile of the host family to the student’s family, depending on the preferences of the student and their family. The match is made only with the agreement of the student and his family, who subsequently receive a photo and a location map of the residence or the student’s accommodation.


The host family includes the student in their daily family routines such as meals, outings, field trips etc., to facilitate their cultural social integration in Canada. Parents sometimes choose to place their child in a family whose first language is not that of the child in order to expose him and optimize the practice of his second language. The CHN trains and supports host families through continuous guidance, educational resources and social events in order to equip them with better support for the student to promote his academic and psychosocial success.

How to obtain a notarized legal custody agreement?

To legally become a guardian or guardian of a minor child, legal steps must be taken. These formalities give the babysitter permission to act in Canada on behalf of the parents. To become a guardian or guardian, you must obtain two notarized declarations, that is to say two documents certified by the seal and the signature of a notary who authenticates them. Declarations should be made on formulaires fournis par IRCC.

  • The first declaration must be signed by the parents or legal guardians of the child in the country of origin;

  • The second is signed by the custodian in Canada (a family member residing in Canada or a CHN staff member).

    Some institutions require a copy of both statements before issuing a pupil or student letter of admission. These custody agreements must also be provided

    Original signed and notarized custody agreements must be provided to IRCC authorities in their country, along with the official letter of admission from the School Board.

Advantage of accommodation with a host family


Host families are recruited after a strict process including reference and criminal background checks, and face-to-face interviews. We then proceed to a visit to the home and the room reserved for the student.

Emotional support

Your child is never alone! CHN offers students and their hosts 24/7/365 first language support.


The cost of accommodation with a host family is more economical than accommodation in a university residence or off campus. You will save money, your child will gain stability, save the hassle of managing a home in terms of cleaning, utility, etc. He will have a better quality of life, in a family environment.

Do not miss this opportunity !

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