Accommodation with a host family: tranquility, emotional health & safety

Accommodation with a host family in the destination country on a full board basis is a double winning choice. Peace of mind for the parent, emotional health and safety for the student.

Getting a mortgage and owning real estate from your home country, yes, it is.

MGD, accompanies you in complete safety throughout the process, from the opening of the account
until the signing of the sales contract. We work with real estate and mortgage agents
approved in Canada to make you real real estate magnates in Quebec with the acquisition
multiplex buildings. Pay off the mortgage with the rental income with peace of mind.

3 services en 1

All the stages of your study project in one place.

Admission to a post-secondary institution

Study permit application

Accommodation at destination according to your choice of staying with a host family, in a university residence or residing off campus

More than 1,200 post-secondary institutions

Depending on your budget, your studies and previous work experiences MGD Education Internationale gives you the opportunity to choose from its 1200+ universities, polytechnics and colleges of Applied Art, as well as more than 1500 vocational training centers.

job training: secure future, certain immigration

In Canada, more than 120 skilled trades are classified under the red seal program. It is an interprovincial standards program that promotes the mobility of skilled workers for designated trades. It means that a tradesperson with this endorsement meets the Canadian National Standard of Excellence for the Skilled Trades and can work anywhere in Canada.

Scholarship: your studies could be fully or partially funded

Each year, thousands of scholarships are awarded to thousands of students around the world by several organizations and universities. You could be one of the winners this year.

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Why choose MGD Education Internationale for your outside study project ?


No more spending hours on search engines for information. Thanks to our expertise, we offer you the best options according to your budget, your qualification and your objectives.


An incomplete file cannot be analyzed, it will be postponed to the next session. Postponing a case analysis can be costly in terms of study time, stress and uncertainty. Entrust your admission process to MGD Education Internationale, the error-free solution.


The long journey and pitfalls of a study project can be stressful for a person who is new to it. Entrust your project to professionals in the field and preserve your mental health.


Poor financial planning can end the educational project prematurely. That’s why MGD Education Internationale will give you in detail all the financial implications of your project. At the same time, we will suggest the universities that practice the lowest rates while ensuring quality education. We will also explore scholarship opportunities with the university and some donor agencies.

Who are we ?

MGD Education Internationale is an agency dedicated to international education. We advise and support candidates for studies in Canada, the United States and France – non-exclusive.

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